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About the show:

Hack Your Online Business is a lively podcast for online business owners looking to be inspired and grow their online businesses. Each episode features a successful online entrepreneur who shares his or her personal journeys and strategies.

Meet your host!

Hey guys, Chrystabelle here, host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast.

I’m originally from Singapore but for the past few years, I’ve been living in different countries while running my online business. While I’m not interviewing guests for the show, I am a marketing coach for online business owners, as well as running Chrys Media.

At the end of 2018, I decided to launch the Hack Your Online Business podcast. My goal is simple: find my tribe of online entrepreneurs who just like me are obsessed with growing an online business, as well as to share the lessons and strategies I’ve learned over the years so that I may help someone else.

More about my journey as an online entrepreneur

The year was 2006 and I had just graduated with a diploma. I had just been offered a scholarship by the University of Oregon, but decided that even with the scholarship, it would be financially tough on my mom who is a single parent.

So I did what every rebellious Asian kid would do… I packed up my backpack and left for Thailand. I ended up living in Thailand for a year and absolutely fell in love with the country. Once my money ran out, I had to do what every backpacker does, which was to return home, work, and save up more cash to travel.

When I came back to Singapore, I got an internship with Singapore’s largest advertising agency. 3 months of internship led to a full-time job and I ended up staying on.

After a few years, I left my advertising job to backpack in Europe and Northern Asia for a year. Same situation, ran out of money and had to come back to Singapore. Picked up where I left off and kept working in advertising until 2016. During this time I ended up working with big brands like Unilever and Procter and Gamble, which was definitely a priceless experience.

In 2016, I decided it was ridiculous to keep working at a career that I absolutely hated and decided it was time to do what I truly liked: running a business. 

My first online business failed… and so did my second. I was devastated; I thought I had all the marketing knowledge I needed from corporate advertising but starting a business was a whole different ballgame.

Through trial and error, finding mentorship, and seeking advice from those who have been before me, my online business began to grow and so did my community.

Today, besides running Chrys Media and working with many high-ticket dream clients, I am also highly passionate about helping other online entrepreneurs in our Hack Your Online Business mastermind. 

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