People are the life blood of your online business, which makes audience building one of the most important keys of a successful business. This completely FREE 7 Stages List Building Foundations Guide is complete with fill-in-the-blanks questions and checklist to help you get started with list building.

List Building Guide

FREE List Building Guide


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Want to start building your email list and an audience but don't know how?

Frustrated that your list building efforts hasn't been working as they should?

In this free 7 Stages List Building Foundations Guide, you'll get: my 7 stages of list building broken down into fill-in-the-blank fields with prompts and a checklist.

Growing your audience is just a click away...

Download the free guide to help you get started with list building!

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Hey there, I'm Chrystabelle. I spent close to a decade running marketing campaigns for brands like Unilever and Procter and Gamble - and then I decided to leave my corporate career to start my first online business.

I took my experience in corporate marketing and turned that into marketing my own online businesses. I've tested different online marketing strategies, tactics, channels, funnels, tools - and over time I've seen what works and what don't. 

Today, I help online business owners make sales and get consistent customers.

I'm the host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast and the founder of Messenger marketing agency, Chrys Media. I've also taught online marketing to the audience of Thinkific, MeetEdgar, Agorapulse, and have spoken on stages such as Social Media Week Austin and Social Media Day Houston.

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