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You are not  alone.

Ready to connect with a group of like-minded online business owners and entrepreneurs who will push you to reach your goals? 

Join our mastermind group with other motivated online entrepreneurs that will keep you accountable, hear you out, and give you candid feedback.

Stay accountable. Get business advice. Build your network.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. - Jim Rohn

Are you an online business owner ready to reach your dream and business goals?

Do you feel stuck, uncertain and overwhelmed?

Do you have great ideas, but no one to share it and bounce off the idea with?

Do you feel like running your business has you overworked, stressed, and running yourself into the ground?

Are you ready to start seeing real growth in your online business - like more sales, visibility, profit, and time?

Building an online business alone is difficult.

Our mastermind is created and curated just for online business owners regardless of business stages.

Imagine having the strategies and clarity to reach your business goals faster...

Your first breakthrough may be about how to double your sales. Your next may be how to create an evergreen marketing system that drives consistent traffic. Then the next is maximizing your income while slashing your working hours.

The Hack Your Online Business Mastermind Is Your Small, Peer-Based Business Accountability And Support Group.


Online Business Owners Just Like You

Be a part of a 6-month program and curated group of 4-8 fellow online business owners at the same stage of business that understand what it is like to run a business online, manage a remote team, launch a product or a service, and hit revenue goals. 

These are the people you can turn to when you need help, when you want a sounding board, or when you’re looking for recommendations.  


Hot Seat Calls

Your mastermind group will have two Skype calls per month (45-90-minutes each) held online and recorded.

Each person will be allocated 15 minutes, and during the call we'll review the previous week and set the weekly goals. You will share what’s going well in your business, what’s not going well in your business, and where you need help.

The "Hot Seats" are facilitated by me. Feedback is provided by me and your group. Besides getting my input, many of our members are subject matter experts, so you can benefit from their input.

Together we help address your struggles and accelerate your growth in a group setting where great entrepreneurial minds come together to work on your business. 

*July and December are implementation month with only one call with a break to implement and work on your business or spend time with your family.

Please note that this isn't a group coaching call led by me, that's not what a mastermind is. If you're looking for a 1-on-1 coaching from me, please contact me via the contact page instead.


Exclusive Voxer Group

Exclusively for your group, you will share a group Voxer (voice Messaging App) where you can connect with each other in real time. Easily share your ideas, ask questions, seek advice, and declare your goals in between the official scheduled calls.

This is awesome when you have a pressing question or need guidance while working through something in real time and having your group be able to weigh in at a moments notice.


Themed Goal Months With Guest Expert Training

Each month has a theme with a common goal. This allows us to set specific goals individually at the start of each month and keep us motivated as a group.

Occasionally, a guest expert on that month's theme will be invited to do a live training for the mastermind.


Monthly Accountability Check-Ins

At the start of each month, I'm going to personally hold you accountable by checking in with you to review the previous month and current numbers and goals.

I also pair you with an accountability buddy if you need that extra support.


Live Gathering In Person Once A Year

We move offline and meet up once a year. Getting together in person changes everything about the dynamics of the relationships within your mastermind group. For those who can make it, this is where relationships turn into friendships. Cost to attend is separate.


A Handpicked Community

Anyone who wants to join the Mastermind has to submit an application. I personally review every application to ensure the integrity and fit of the groups.


The biggest change that impacted my business was implementing a 90 day planning, which allowed me to get more done and have more impact in 90 days than I used to in a whole year.

At the start of the mastermind, I spend at least 4 hours with you in a LIVE group planning session to help map out your next 3 months to reach your goals. We then do the same at mid-point to evaluate what worked and what didn't, and then create your plan for the next 90 days.

Chrystabelle Chrys Tan

I'm Chrystabelle, founder of Chrys Media and host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast - and I've made it my mission to help online business owners turn their passion and expertise into a thriving online business, create winning strategies and become the entrepreneur they've dreamed of becoming.

I've found that there are 2 common factors across many successful entrepreneurs I've interviewed - getting support from a group of like-minded people (a mastermind group) and having a mentor or mentors.

With over 10 years of experience in marketing and business building, I've helped coaches to skin clinic owners to global brands.

The biggest benefit of this program is the other online business owners in it.

You won't find them in a Facebook Group.

You won't find them at a meetup.

You won't find them at a conference.

Maybe one or two, but never together as an entire group.

There are very few online business owners who are as ambitious and determined as you. You'll meet them here in your HYOB Mastermind group.

The HYOB Mastermind is a good fit for you if ...

  • Your business is an online business
  • You are looking for a group of online entrepreneurs that “get it” and understand the highs and lows of running an online business
  • You are committed to showing up for our calls and supporting your mastermind group while growing your online business
  • Willing to put aside your ego and you are open to advice and coaching
  • You know that your results are your responsibility and you're prepared to show up, commit, and do the work.

The HYOB Mastermind is NOT a good fit for you if ...

  • You run a brick-and-mortar store or office
  • You make money with multi-level-marketing
  • You are not committed to showing up for your calls and supporting your group. We understand that things may come up, but we expect you to be there the majority of our meetings
  • You are unteachable and you get annoyed by input
  • You are not open to input and advice
  • You are considering closing your online business and this mastermind group would act as your “hail mary”
  • You want a step-by-step guide on what to do next (you need a coaching program for that)
  • You expect instant results or hand holding.

We want you to join us! Apply right now for Pioneers Price!

$150 $250/monthly investment (for 6 months)


$500 one-time payment ($400 savings)






When do we start and meet?

Where do we meet?

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How long can I be in the HYOB mastermind?

What time are the calls?

Where and when will the live gathering be?

What are the monthly accountability check-ins like?

What level of business is this suitable for?

How often can I ask questions?

What happens at the end of the mastermind?

Why does HYOB Mastermind include a 6 month commitment?

How soon will I see results?

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