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Here's my belief: running an online business is a mixture of 3 important things: Mindset, Strategy, and Action.

On today’s episode, I want to explore the topic of mindset and how your mindset creates the kind of success and lifestyle that you want and deserve.

Today’s guest is Susan Ferraro, an expert in mindset, the law of attraction & ultimately, self realization. She is the former burnt out, pissed off Design Director of the US brand Kate Spade New York turned Mindset Coach, Speaker & Creator of the transformational program – EASE-Y MONEY™.

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"So a great way to look at the law of attraction, in a nutshell, is the word behave. Be Have, it's not, Do Have. It's behave. So remember it's about your identity and your state of being. If you are in a true state of being of appreciation, there's no need, there's no lack, versus I need to get that dangling carrot and what can I do to get it, I got to make it happen right now. You've created that lack again."

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Susan went from a successful career as a designer for Kate Spade to being a mindset coach
  • The moment in her new business that she realized she was heading down the same destructive path she swore to leave behind
  • How our mindset helps us to manifest the lifestyle and the success that we want
  • The biggest misconception about being grateful and why that blocks the law of attraction
  • Why positive thinking & gratitude alone will NOT get you what you want

Full Transcript

Chrys: On today's episode, I want to explore the topic of mindset and how your mindset creates a kind of success and lifestyle that you want and deserve. So today's guest is an expert in mindset, the law of attraction, and ultimately self-realization.

She's the former burnt out, pissed off design director of the US brand, Kate Spade, New York turned mindset, coach, speaker, and creator of the transformational program Easy money. Susan, thank you so much for jumping on this episode with me today.

Susan: Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to chat with you.

Chrys: Before you became a mindset coach, you had a pretty successful career as a designer in the fashion industry.

Susan: I definitely did. Yes, I did.

Chrys: Here's the funny thing, I was telling you I used to study fashion. I've got a diploma in fashion.

Susan: I know. That's awesome.

Chrys: I only spent a year in fashion because I realized that people would go to work at eight something and they will leave at eight something. It depends on which role you have, right? If you're a merchandiser, you're still kind of okay. If you are the person actually creating the outfit, well God bless you, you'll never leave.

Susan: So true.

Chrys: And it's funny cause you talked about how that career in fashion affected your time, affected your energy, affected your health and yet even after leaving the fashion industry, you brought along the same problems to your new online business. Tell me more about that.

Susan: So I was very successful in the industry and I climbed the ladder really fast and from the outside it looked amazing. I was traveling all over the world, I was making multiple six figures and growing and my job was literally to sketch out handbags and find inspiration and read magazines and shop, and then see them come to fruition.

And there was a lot more involved, of course, but it was actually what I was being paid for. Whereas we tend to go overboard, feeling obligated to do more than what our natural gifts and talents are. So that's what I was doing in the industry, but didn't realize it yet. But I knew that I was burning out for the fourth time and I mean severe adrenal fatigue burnout.

And I looked around at my life and I was just like, this is not what I want. I have no time, no energy to enjoy any of these things that I've created. So on the outside it looked great, but inside it was like, for what? What am I doing this for? So finally I bit the bullet.

And in 2012 I left the industry again, burnt out and I really need to come back to life for a year. And I was very into health and nutrition because of my own issues. So I started health coaching business. I had gone IIN while I was still in fashion and spent all this money on branding was so ready to launch this business.

I had already built a list, launched my first blog post and wanted to send out my first freebie, and it took so much effort and so long to create all of it. It was a miserable process and I had realized I am doing the same thing. I sent out my first blog post and I was like, I don't want to do this ever again. And I had just spent all of this money.

So then I started, I had always loved mindset and law of attraction and all of that and I knew deep down that's really what I want to talk about, but that was scary. How am I going to make money? It was much easier to make money with weight loss. I had cool branding and all of that kind of stuff, but it was just so not aligned anymore.

And so I bit the bullet again and went in the direction of what I really wanted to do. And as I did that, all of the fear, the self doubt, the lack of clarity that we feel that we have, we're never really unclear. We can get to that later. But that lack of clarity started to bubble up the resistance.

And I realize again, I'm doing what I want to do. I'm the boss, but I'm still in these patterns of perfectionism versus procrastination, going all in and using all of my energy to try to create some webinar and then having to go all out for weeks to recuperate from what I just did to myself energetically. And I was going all in, all out, all in, all out, and I was like, I can't do this anymore. I don't want to live like this anymore. And that's what started this deeper look into what is actually creating these patterns.

Chrys: Why do you think you kept going through the same pattern over and over again and just overworking yourself even though you learned from your first career and then you learned from your second business, but you continued doing the same thing over and over again.

Susan: Right? And you know, we struggle so much trying to change our behaviors, but the thing is it's very hard to change a behavior that's coming from our identity that is attached to a belief that is creating a state of being that triggers that behavior and that is attached to our identity. And it literally feels like life or death when we try to change that behavior. That's why all that resistance comes up.

So you really have to get deep into your subconscious and realize what you're actually believing about yourself, what's triggering that behavior in the first place. That's where you create the change and then the behaviors naturally cause we will consistently behave as it's always aligned to who we think we are or who we think we should be or have to be in order to receive some kind of external validation.

Chrys: At which point in your current business that you realize that, Oh my gosh, I'm going down the same path. Was there an incident that triggered this thought? Like, hey, I gotta do something about this?

Susan: Yeah, the exhaustion. I literally got to the point where when you're going, so I use the term, the red zone in my work and with the women that I work with and the red zone is that all in all out pattern, right? So where we pushed and we pushed and we pushed ourselves using force and you know, we gotta make it happen and we do that for so long.

We're essentially using will - our willpower, right? To make something happen, our success, a webinar or whatever it is. And then from doing that for so long, you have to then go out and recuperate. It's not sustainable. So that's what I did through my career and that's what I started doing my business. The thing is is that the more you do that, the longer you do that you're going all out, gets longer and longer. So it's harder and harder to push yourself to go all in.

And then you have to stay out for longer and longer because then the adrenal fatigue, the thyroid problems, all of the imbalances in your body, that unease leads to disease, right? So now you're starting to have health issues and the symptoms and you're dealing with all that and the fatigue and it's harder and harder and harder. So it got to the point where I couldn't push myself anymore.

Chrys: When you realize that I've got to change this, what did you do exactly at that point in your current business?

Susan: So what I had done was as I was going through all of this, I was also creating my first program, which was easy peasy LOA and the system that I used for the law of attraction, which I use all throughout my design career to create a lot of success. But when I was creating this course, I really looked at, why did the law of attraction work sometimes and not others? Why was it working for some people and not others?

And really started to create this foundation where I started to see, okay, it's really not about attraction at all. It's about reflection, right? So the universe is just reflecting back to us who we think we are, right? How we really feel about ourselves, about the world. So as I kind of got there, I'm also a psychic medium.

I don't know if you know that or not, but I started having, you know, I've always worked with psychic mediums in the past and since I was 17 and I was working with them to create all of this and they were showing me that I also had these gifts. So I started using that and using my readings with other people to help me kind of take the next step or move into the next direction and really started letting myself being guided by spirit or inspiration. So when we are inspired, we are literally in spirit. We're connected with spirit.

So I was getting these tastes and looking back on my life, seeing like, okay, when things are really easy. And when I say easy, I mean ease - E, A, S E hyphen Y versus easy, although easy as a part of it because that ease means we're aligned with truth. We're aligned with the truth of who we are. And whenever we are inspired and we're allowing and following through on that inspiration, you're going to feel a sense of ease. You're going to feel excitement, you're going to feel energized instead of the reverse and the zone where we feel that obligation and we're feeling more and more drained by what we're doing.

So as I started to play with that, I started to go deeper into the original program that I created. And as I started to go deeper and realizing that it was a reflection and my self awareness really heightened and I realized that, okay, I have this really deep sense of self awareness. I am aware of these patterns, I'm aware of what I'm doing, but why am I still in such a state of resistance? And that's when I learned that self awareness is not enough.

So in order for us to feel self-actualize and have that sense of freedom and ease, cause that's what creates it to feel fully self express, seen and heard, right? That's where the freedom is. You also need self-acceptance and it's the self-awareness plus the self acceptance that leads to the actualization and that acceptance is essentially love, right? So it's self love. Love is acceptance. Fear is not the opposite of love as we're often taught, right? The opposite of love is actually shame. Judgment.

And as I started to go deeper into the judgment in my own mindset, the judgment I had about myself, the old memories and conditions where I created these conditions on myself of who I had to be to be right in the world. As I started to let that go, then I started to allow myself to literally do what I want instead of what I should do or have to do, right? When we're following our inspiration, it's really called the flow state or the place state. 

And we're doing what we want. There's a sense of autonomy which gives us that freedom versus I have to be responsible and responsible looks like is this for this person? Because deep down I don't want to upset my dad or I have to prove to my mom that I can do this right or I need to be appropriate or professional or everyone else out there are doing email funnels. 

So that's the way I have to do it instead of letting yourself be led. So it was through that process and that deepening that I was able to see how and really what it comes down to is that acceptance, that self-love, whenever we are doing what we want, we are validating ourselves. That little girl inside of us who long time ago we told was wrong and that she couldn't be trusted.

Every time you do what you want, you now validate her and you rebuild that self trust. And that's really how to get out of those patterns. It's not always as easy. You have to face a lot of your pain really in order to get there. So it's not easy, but it is that simple.

Chrys: You've worked with a lot of clients to help them get past this same exhaustion and doubt and just the inability to manifest the lifestyle that they want. And you're talking about shame, you're talking about this self judgment, do you see this as being the common, biggest problem that most of your clients go through? Or are they actually other problems that you see them go through?

Susan: This is at the root of all those other problems. So all of our competition are comparing, you know, comparisonitis - where we're out there looking at people, we're getting triggered. All of those triggers that we feel out there and that sense of urgency that we feel that's all coming from parts of us, that we're not actually owning. And owning means accepting, right? That's that validation, that self-love.

So you might see, I know in the online world, a very common one is you go take a scroll through your newsfeed and you're feeling all great, but then all of a sudden you see so-and-so she's doing this program now and this person just spoke her mind about this, right? And you start, it's like zap, zap, zap, zap, zap, right? And all that's doing is showing you where you're not shining, right? So that's actually a very... Your triggers are your best tool for clarity where you're not owning something where you're judging something within yourself and everything is going to go back to this core root memory.

There is actually a time in your life when you decided, I am not enough. I am unlovable, I am wrong in some way. And that triggered these patterns. So what I do in my programs is help you get there and then release that resistance really around who you really are.

Chrys: Can you share more about your program? So walk us through how long it is and what do you normally teach in that program?

Susan: Okay. So my my easy money program, and that's EASE-Y. So it's about a lot of the women I work with have already made money like myself or have already tasted success and it's like, why have I made this money and I still don't feel free type of thing. That's why I call it easy money because this is now about, instead of making money, earning money and proving your worth, this is about valuing your unique, easy, the things that come easily to you, your gifts and your talents.

And that's what I was talking about in the beginning when we were talking about fashion design and I was actually being [inaudible] for my talent, but I would make the job a lot more and make it really hard. You know what I mean? Complicate it, which so many of us, especially in the online world and creative people do because it's like, oh, that was so easy and it only took 20 minutes and now I'm done for the day but that's not right. You know, society says I need to be working throughout the whole entire day sitting at this computer. And that's not really how it works.

So over the course of this program, we really get in touch with... It's split into two. So it's the first half of the program is called mirror mirror. And it's really about getting in touch with all of the way that you are being in the world now, right? So the way that you're treating yourself, the way that you actually see yourself and believe yourself, like where that's all coming from. And then you know who you would be without those conditions.

So it's kind of like unveiling your conditions and the reasons behind them and then who you would be without that. So that part's all about the clarity. The second piece is about fear into faith. And that fear, when we feel the shame, when we feel we're inherently wrong or not enough inside, that's what triggers that survival mode.

So you could be a billionaire and be in survival mode, and you live with that fear and you're doing things out of fear because you're trying to keep everything safe and secure. And it's about really forgiveness, like I said, is a huge part of letting this go. So there's a lot of, I have a tool called the magic carpet ride where we go into those old memories so you can release the resistance from the past. And I also give you tools for releasing the resistance as you move forward and basically let yourself do what you want and trust yourself again.

Chrys: That's a great intro to your program and I'm going to give the guys a link to your program at at the end of the show. What I want to talk about right now is your business, your entrepreneur story. So it's not easy growing a business and you're in the mindset space. And there are actually other mindset coaches out there who also talk about the law of attraction.

And what I'm interested to know is when you're building this business, what are you doing to actually stand out against all the other, you know... Not competition... Other mindset coaches and actually get your message be found and put yourself in front of a target audience.

Susan: You have to be yourself. You have to fun. You do that. When we follow our inspiration, we are being authentic. We are in integrity. Integrity isn't about doing the right thing that society tells you to do as most people speak about it. Integrity is alignment. It's doing what you actually want to do. This is right for me and ignoring the rest. And that is is the freedom. It's also your uniqueness.

So when I'm out there sharing my stuff, I share from inspiration. I don't worry about what other people are doing. My consistency isn't about, Oh, I need to consistently get on Facebook live every single day and have these webinars and do everything they tell you in the online box. No, my consistency is I am committed and consistent with following my inspiration. And if for some reason my energy gets off track, I know what to do to get myself back there so I can receive that inspiration.

Because a big misconception, Chrys, is that inspiration is something we wait for and it's actually not. It's something we connect to. So as we learn to manage our energy right and you know, process that old shit and process the resistance and really return to a state of allowing an integrity, we naturally connect to that. And then whatever that says, whatever it is for the day, whether it's to share something, whether I'm turning my program into a physical product, whether it's about the book that I'm creating or whatever it is, that's what I follow through on.

Sometimes it's go to the movies, sometimes it's call this person or do this thing. They can seem totally unrelated. And then I'm doing that, and while I'm doing that, I've gone to the movie in the middle of the day and I'm okay, this is what I feel like doing right now. And then all of a sudden in the movies, something is amplified. And I'm like, Oh my God, that's what I needed for that part of my book. You know what I mean? So it's really about doing without doing. Does that make sense?

Chrys: It makes total sense. And what I'm curious to know as well is can you share one of the early successes that you had in your business, in this current business that you went, wow, this is the first turning point in my business where I'm starting to feel like things are moving for me. Whether it's financially or just in terms of clients.

Susan: It was actually both for me. I remember one of my first easy peasy LOA launch was just like a few webinars and it was just a few people and I was so nervous and I was still being like red zone about it. And once I get into it, it was really great, but it was hard. And then I remember my second launch for it. I had just moved to Delray beach in Florida. I was going to the beach every morning for what I call coffee time. That's my morning routine where I get all energized and inspired and I was just following my inspiration.

I was jumping on video when I felt inspired to. I wasn't thinking about the launch, I wasn't thinking about the outcome. I was doing what I was doing because it was so fun. And I was just following that and that's when it was a $30,000 launch or something like that. And I was like, Oh my God, how did this even happen? You know what I mean? I was literally just being true to what felt fun and fulfilling to me. And that's what was drawing people in. And they're like, who is this girl?

Chrys: So that was a high moment for your business. But what about the lows? What would you say was the lowest moment for your business?

Susan: I don't know that there was a lowest moment or a highest moment. When I look back now, it's really about... I can see whether the red zone are the low moments, and the blue zone is where it's working and where it's easy and successful and not just successful financially, but where it feels fufilling and I feel happy and energized by it.

So whenever I feel like I'm getting in my head too much, I know I'm not in the blue zone and I'm going into the red zone and it's time to focus back on my energy, what I truly want to do, what's fun versus what I feel like I should do to pull people in. That never works. I don't do it anymore.

I've had launches just happen in flow or people start coming to me and they're like, Hey, when do you launch that program again? When is that coming out? And I'm like, okay, I guess it's time to launch something or whatever, you know? And I kind of just let it happen like that, knowing that I was always creating a product for it as well. And I think just the times where I didn't trust myself, those are the lows.

Chrys: You said that when you start to feel like, Oh my gosh, I'm in a low moment right now, and you do something to change your energy so you do something. What is that thing? Why? What is that one thing that you do?

Susan: I do what I want. And here's what it is. So whenever I start to feel that, here's a visual for you guys. So think about a car that's stuck in a muddy ditch and you're just pressing the gas and the wheels are spinning and spinning and spinning and you're not going anywhere. Eventually that car is going to run out of gas, right?

I start to feel that effort and start to feel my energy drain, maybe I'm overthinking, it's less and less now, but that's how it used to feel back in the day where I felt like I was forcing something. It's no longer fun and it's draining me, right? So I use those feelings to then say, okay, I'm going in the wrong direction. This is what I'm doing in this moment is resisting what what my soul wants to do and I'm doing something that I think I shouldn't be doing or that I have to be doing right?

So in that moment, I know I'm not trusting myself right now, and as soon as I let myself stop, which for some of us is easier said than done. As soon as I let myself stop and go into what I want to do, I release that resistance. I'm now in a state of allowing, so it's that pressure is off and your energy starts to rise and you might receive inspiration like that. That's usually what happens to me now because I'm so used to it.

But when you're first starting out, if you've been all in a lot, a lot of times it takes a little while to get your energy back up. So it's really just like, okay, I'm going to stop forcing myself and I just need to rest for a second. I just need to do nothing for a second. Maybe I do need to watch Netflix, and it's like you're letting yourself do that. Your energy starts to rise and then once your energy is risen and you feel the lax, now it's like I feel like going for a walk and then boom, boom, boom.

Or I'm going to take a shower and you're enjoying the shower, singing your favorite songs and all of a sudden these ideas start streaming in your head. You know what I mean? So the most draining thing we can do is denying what we know is true for ourselves.

Chrys: All right guys. So if you're feeling like you're stuck right now in a rut and you have an inspiration to go out there, I don't know, do something. Go for a walk if you feel like going for a walk. Go out with your friends if you feel like you know you need some time off.

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Susan, have you heard about Facebook messenger marketing?

Susan: I have. I mean I have heard of it but I haven't really researched it or anything like that.

Chrys: Yeah, it's for those of you who don't know what it is really, it's just this marketing channel by Facebook that really allows you to have this better one on one conversation at scale with your audience. So very different from email marketing, but at the same time gives you, opens up this new way of just communicating with your audience.

Now let's move onto mindset because that is one my favorite topic and I never used to think that I would be so into mindset until I realized that my mindset actually determines the results I'm getting from my project results I'm getting.

So let's talk on mindset and how mindset actually helps us to manifest the lifestyle and the success that we want. So there's a lot more to mindset and manifestation than achieving as much as we can imagine. So I'll love to hear us on the connection between mindset and manifestation.

Susan: So I mean it's all the same thing, everything that I've been talking about. So when people think of manifestation, if you haven't been doing it for a while, if you're just discovering it, it feels like I want to get these things right. These things are outside of myself. I want to get this result, I want to get more money, I want to get this dream house. I want to get right that these things are outside of yourself.

But really what I've learned is they are a reflection. So you will attract, or create, I would think is a better word. Whatever you believe you can have and you will feel however you felt before you had that thing is the same way you're going to feel after you have that thing. And the problem is most of us want to get those things because we want to feel differently.

But the trick is you need to create that feeling, that state of being first, and then you might get those things that you might get even better things. But it doesn't even matter what you get because you already have the feeling. And when you already have the feeling, you are no longer in a state of lack trying to get. We're in a state of I don't have something, I don't have enough. I don't have the thing that's gonna do the trick for me. You have to feel it first.

So I always say there is only abundance, but it's either an abundance of abundance or an abundance of lack, right? So the more that you feel you need something outside of yourself because you don't have everything that you need to feel how you want to feel, it's always going to feel like you're chasing a dangling carrot.

And that's what happened to me in fashion. It was like, okay, I get to this point, I'm making this much money. I have this title. Oh, okay. That was great for like a minute now, right? I have it now. Now what? So then I'm onto the next dangling carrot, the next dangling carrot.

When you're living in a state of inspiration, living via that way and doing what you want, you're in a state of fulfillment and fulfillment is the feeling of abundance and abundance of abundance. Lack is the feeling of an abundance of lack.

Chrys: Is this why you said that just positive thinking and gratitude alone will not get you that lifestyle and that abundance that you want?

Susan: Yeah, well it's the way that people approach gratitude and positive thinking, right? So the way I say it is it's all good. So the way gratitude is often taught and it's no one's fault, I used to do this too. You think like, Oh, okay, I'm not happy with where I am. Let me quick be grateful: I'm grateful for my phone. I'm grateful for my cat. I'm grateful for my dog. I can breathe today.  

You're looking for the things that you're okay with, instead of how can I be grateful for where I am, even though I think it's not where I should be. You see what I'm saying? When you can do that and you can see really truly see the good and the perfection in everything, then you are truly in a state of gratitude. You're truly in a state of appreciation.

Something that I say in my program is validate, integrate, appreciate. When we're validating, we're owning what's true. We're not trying to pretend that we're positive, but really deep down we're scared. Otherwise, you're actually in a state of resistance and fear. It's like, Oh my God, am I going to be able to pay the rent? I'm just going to think about lollipops in that blue sky and everything's going to be fine.

That doesn't work because in your subconscious mind, and that's really what's running the show, you're really deep down thinking, I'm not going to make it. I am not enough. I'm not going to be taken care of in some way or I can't take care of myself. That's what's going to be reflected to you, not what you're consciously thinking.

So it's about when I say it's all good, it's about like, okay, how can I, it's not about making a shitty situation okay. It's about truly appreciating this shitty situation for what it's here to show you. Because there's always a lesson, there's always a nugget, and something was always being reflected back to you. You know what in your state of being is not aligned with what you actually do want, or maybe this had to happen to show you the next step. There are a gazillion ways, and if you start looking back on your life in hindsight, you can see, Oh man, if I didn't go through that, I never would've been able to do this. Or I never would have experienced this or learned this about myself.

So a great way to look at it, the law of attraction in a nutshell is the word behave. Okay? Be Have, it's not, Do Have, it's behave. So remember it's about your identity and your state of being. If you are in a true state of being of appreciation, there's no need, there's no lack, versus I need to get that dangling carrot and what can I do to get it, I got to make it happen right now. You've created that lack again. Makes sense?

Chrys: Makes total sense. What do you have to say to my listeners who might be struggling right now, really struggling with their online business, they've got a mortgage or they're still struggling with having a roof over their head. Maybe they've got a really horrible marriage, problems right now and they're just essentially just feeling like nothing is good at the moment.

They're really going through... It's nothing to be grateful for. So what kind of advice do you have for someone who's really going through the dirt right now?

Susan: You got to own. Own it. You got to own those feelings. Face those feelings. Most of us, and this goes back to what we were just talking about, is we try to get away from those feelings, right? We try to say, I don't want to feel this fear. I don't want to feel this pain. I don't want to feel like I can't pay my rent because it's anxiety and it doesn't feel safe. And I start to freak out because those feelings make us feel like we're going to die. Like that primitive part of our brain. The amygdala, it's literally life or death, right?

But it's not. So what I want them to do is to go in and have your temper tantrum. Let yourself cry, let yourself get angry. You know, say what you need to say. You don't have to say it to anyone else but yourself. Write it out, speak it out, which is even better. And when you do that, you're saying, I see you, I know what's really true for you. I know what's really going on for you, and you bring yourself to peace.

Haven't you ever experienced that where you let yourself cry over something or get upset over something and then you actually feel the peace instead of trying to run from it because it can't? It's going to follow you everywhere and it's going to keep being reflected back to you. So first do that.

As you do that, then as you start to feel the peace, you can then see the gift in it. It's very difficult to see the gift if you haven't actually validated it. And that's where we get stuck. We don't want to validate it. We want to think positive or not feel the pain, and then we can never actually see where like what are you talking about? How is this good? How is this helping me? It's very difficult for someone who's feeling that way to have the lens to see, actually this is showing me this. Ah, okay, now I can learn this and move on.

And then that naturally brings you to that state of appreciation. So there is no force involved, right? It's either no positive versus negative. It's allowing versus resisting. When we're not allowing those emotions, we're in a state of resistance and we can't get to that appreciation.

Chrys: A lot of mindset coaches they talk about meditation and using meditation to help you to, whether that's to manifest the lifestyle and the success and the feelings that you need. Do you meditate? Do you recommend people meditate?

Susan: I don't meditate, actually. I don't have the patience for it. I don't particularly care for it.

Chrys: You might be the only coach I actually know who said, I don't meditate.

Susan: No. I mean I probably do meditate, but not in a way that people think where I have to sit there and clear my mind. That's not fun for me. The whole point of meditation is to relax our mind and get into our body so we can receive that inspiration.

So I have other ways of doing that. I do. I'm a big journaler and every morning it's really my work time. My coffee time is my work time and I journal and I write clear my head, work through emotions, visualize who I want to be, what I want in the world, and just have fun. And as I do that, as I'm having fun and enjoying the moment, that's the key.

That's what meditation does. Presence, right? I start getting that inspiration and now I'm ready to create, and then I act on that inspiration as it comes to the best of my ability. And that's where a lot of us stop. We might get to that point of inspiration, but then it's like, okay, I'll do that later. Or I'm too scared to do that. I'm going to go create a funnel.

Chrys: Is there a way to diagnose if my mindset at the moment is actually good or not good, but it's actually helping me or not. Is there a way to diagnose it?

Susan: Yeah. It's not really a diagnosis. It's just your emotions. Your emotions are your guidance system, your emotions are there. They're nothing more than a chemical cocktail that as a result of the beliefs that you are believing in the moment or the meaning that you've made about something in the moment.

So when you feel shitty emotion, you just made a meaning about your circumstance or person or what's happening or not happening. That created that emotion that you said, no, this is wrong. And it's making me, you know, when we're jealous of someone, we're feeling that jealousy because we're saying I can't have what they have. If we're feeling wrong or embarrassed about something, we're saying that we are inherently wrong and we start to create that shame.

So your emotions, when we don't stay in touch with them, we lose that guidance, so the GPS to what you're actually believing. So if you feel content and fulfilled and if you let yourself feel excitement and passion and that lust for life and the alignness, then you know that your mindset is on track and it's serving you. If you're feeling those other emotions, it's not about trying to get away from them, it's about using them to say, okay, I just made a meaning or I'm believing something that is not serving you right now.

Chrys: Let's talk about the law of attraction because I think a lot of people associate LOA with attracting millions and millions of dollars, becoming the best entrepreneur in their field.

But you can actually manifest smaller things as well and you've talked about that. You talked about manifesting these smaller things in your career. So what are some small things that you've manifested in your career that's just not these big numbers and big things?

Susan: So I want to make something really clear. Everything we're talking about here today is the law of attraction. And that's why I like to say law of reflection more than law of attraction, right? Because every emotion that you feel, every state of being that you're in is its own lens, its own perception. And from that lens, you're always attracting, you're always receiving. It just might not be what you want depending on the lens that you are. That's why I say be have, right?

Whatever your state of being is is going to determine what's being received by you and reflected back to you. So to get back to what you were saying though, is that it's not just about attracting one big thing. It's knowing that this is always happening, whether you like it or not. It's like gravity. It's just the way that we move through the world. It's a big mirror. So it's about learning to use that to your advantage.

And I'm always attracting stuff. So, I remember a long time ago, I got to a point in my business. I just follow my inspiration, follow my inspiration, act on it as it comes. And I always have what I need when it's time for me to have it right. And I remember thinking like, Oh my God, I need to build this whole big new membership site now. How am I going to do that? I don't have the money. I haven't launched in a while. What's going to happen?

And this girl comes to me and she's like, Hey, I do websites and I would love to trade you for coaching if you would be up for that. She's like, I know it's a big ask, but I'm willing to work on your website for you. She didn't know I wanted a membership site at the time, just out of the blue offered to do website work for me. And I was like yeah. So I coached her one-on-one for her to create this membership site for me and stuff like that would happen and does happen to me all the time.

And you can just start seeing these things in your life. It's going to make you, if you're new to this, especially if you start looking for that. And you know there's an exercise in my easy peasy LOA program that's similar to this where you really start looking, we call them Many Wins like, Oh you know what you needed appeared at the perfect time, what you wanted appeared.

And there's actually a difference between a Many, when it's a thing that you manifested, versus how it came about and how it came about is the miracle. So if you start looking for both of those, it helps you relax and let go and write them down. Because when you start freaking out and your ego is going crazy and you think you can't pay your rent, you can look back at that list and remember it's safe to trust myself.

Chrys: Now to wrap up this topic, is there one thing that you wish my listeners would really understand and that you've not talked about about mindset and reflection and manifestation?

Susan: I feel like I've talked about it all, but if I had to drill something into their head, it would be to take away the word behave because it really is everything. I have a process, I have all kinds of tools that can help you. But when you understand that it's really just about allowing versus resisting and your state of being is everything. That is where you should focus on your energy, not on trying to get more money, not on trying to create more productivity and time, but really focus on prioritizing your energy and your state of being and feeling good every single day and acting from that place instead. Remember, it's a different lens you are going to see change and feel change pretty quickly because again, it's about having the feeling first, be have not do have.

Chrys: Perfect. Now before we end off this episode, I'd like you to share what is the biggest lesson that you've learned as an entrepreneur.

Susan: That it's so incredibly important to be myself. My entrepreneurial journey is really what anchored my whole path to self-realization.

Chrys: All right guys. This is a perfect way to close out this episode. Susan has a free workshop on the law of attraction or law of reflection, so go check out easypeasyloa.com after today's show. You can also find her podcast EASE-Y DOES IT on iTunes. Susan, I got to say that it's quite a mouthful.  

Thank you guys so much for spending time with me and Susan. Head on over to hackyouronlinebusiness.com. You can find the show notes, the links and everything that we just talked about today. Thank you so much Susan, I appreciate you taking time to come on the show.

Susan: Thank you so much for having me.

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