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In this episode, learn how to sell confidently as a leader and entrepreneur even during this recession.

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Hack Your Online Business podcast, another episode of the Recession Series where I specially tackle what we can do as online business owners during a recession.

Lindsey Nadler is a life and business coach that believes that passion is EVERYTHING and is on a mission to empower women to step into their CEO power and fearlessly chase down their dreams.

She's the host of The Passionista Podcast & creator of The Passion To Profit Business Academy where she helps women step into the role of confident CEO and build online businesses doing what they love.

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"Pivot, don't pause. So many people are just pausing. They're quitting, they're retreating, they're hiding, which is understandable. What are you doing right now to show up and create offers and support systems that are creative, that are outside of the box, that are empathetic for your clients?"

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How being in a variety of different arenas spanning from law enforcement, health and fitness and the social justice sector shaped Lindsey as an entrepreneur
  • The biggest skill Lindsey took from law enforcement
  • What Lindsey is doing right now to prep her online business for the recession
  • Her recession advice for online entrepreneurs
  • What it means to be a confident leader and why it matters
  • How to be a confident leader even in the midst of failures

Resources Discussed In This Episode:

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