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Have you ever thought about turning your knowledge and skills into online courses that you can monetize to bring in extra revenue for your online business?

The fact is most of us have a few course ideas in us, and on today’s episode, we’ll talk about some of the tools that you can use to create your course, as well as the different ways you can actually monetize a course.

Kat Dunn is helping one million entrepreneurs build the lifestyle they want by teaching what they know. She has more than 16 years of experience creating learning and development programs, and she has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS. 

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"A lot of times people start at the beginning, they're like, "Okay. Here's the name of my course." A lot of time, I don't even recommend that you name your course until the end.

Instead, at the beginning, wait and work through it. So once you know what your end result is going to be for your learners, then you want to break down the steps that they're going to take to get there."

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Kat got started in the course creation industry
  • Her recommended course creation process (and what to watch out!)
  • How to create an online course (hint: name the course last!)
  • Course creation mistakes to avoid
  • The different ways that we can monetize an online course

Resources Discussed In This Episode:

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  • How To Turn Your Knowledge And Skills Into A Course With Kat Dunn


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