Violette de Ayala

On today’s episode, I have the founder of FemCity, Violette de Ayala on the show. Violette grew her small meet-up into an international women entrepreneurs community with more than 100+ chapters in the US, Canada and the Islands.

She is a Cuban-American serial and social Entrepreneur, founder of FemCity®, and virtual mentor to over 20,000 women. Her company, FemCity, is a members only club with local gatherings and online connectivity for women launching and growing business.

She’s also the author of The Self-Guided Guru© Lessons for Everyday Humans. She has been quoted in Success, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Yahoo Small Business, and Business Insider News.

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"When I hit rock bottom, I really started having bad conversations with my mind. My mindset really sunk into that poverty level. And that meant like looking at what other people are doing, or even thinking like making money is hard. See the world as a place to receive opportunity and to receive abundance."

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • What launching her first business at the age of 22 taught Violette about business
  • How Violette regrew her wealth after facing a huge financial hit
  • The story behind FemCity and how Violette grew it into an international women entrepreneurs community
  • The differences between FemCity and other meetup communities and what Violette is doing to set it apart from her competition
  • Wealth mindset and how to encourage abundance in your business and life
  • The importance of thinking big in business

Resources Discussed In This Episode:

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