Are you struggling to generate leads consistently, even though you've tried different lead generation strategies such as Facebook ads lead generation, LinkedIn lead generation, or asking your friends and family to share about your business?

In order for your online business to make sales, you need leads that turn into customers.

If your current lead generation strategy isn't working, then tune in as I share 2 things that are hurting your lead generation process and what to do instead to get consistent leads.

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"It’s not about which marketing strategy works best or what sales funnel works best. It’s about knowing what is working or testing until you figure out what will work, sticking to what works, and putting in the work consistently."

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The questions you need to be asking in your lead generation process
  • What you should NOT be doing during lead generation
  • Why consistency matters to get leads - and how to show up consistently

I often get this question, “Chrystabelle, what do you do to get consistent leads? How can I get consistent leads for my online business?

I’ve tried Facebook ads, I’m posting on social media, I’m sharing my business with my friends and family and asking them to like and share my content. But I’m not getting consistent leads coming in, which means I’m not getting sales.

Should I try LinkedIn instead? Maybe I should run a 5 day challenge because I heard that on a podcast. Or maybe I should run a virtual summit because everyone seems to be doing one.”

And I keep getting to this place where I ask, “talk to me about what you’ve tried that has brought in the most number of leads. Why are you trying 10 different strategies to generate leads instead of focusing on the one that is working best? Are you tracking what is working and what isn’t? Are you just throwing things at the wall and hoping that something sticks?”

The reason why so many online businesses struggle with getting consistent leads is because they overcomplicate things and they think that doing more is better, or it has to be complex to work. If it’s too simple, it doesn’t feel like it will work.

Build a more complex funnel, have 10 different ways of driving traffic into the funnel, use SMS, use Messenger bots, do a live webinar, find affiliates. If you’re struggling to get consistent leads at this stage of your business, you don’t want to be adding more pieces to your lead generation process.

Look at what you’re already doing right now and do an honest evaluation if each of them is one, something that has brought in leads, and two, if you enjoy doing each of them.

Once you understand which tactic that you’ve been trying is working the best and you start to simplify the way you run your business and simplify the way you market your business, you start to build momentum that brings in consistent leads.

The online businesses that are simplest and most strategic and dial in to one winning model win faster. The online businesses that are complex are forever feeling the struggle of time, feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t look at what other online businesses or your competition are doing with their marketing. So what if they have a podcast? So what if they’re using Instagram to generate leads? So what if a guru tells you to go all in on Facebook ads? Or LinkedIn? Or go try out TikTok?

Stick to simplicity - pick the model that works best for your business. Look at what you’re doing to generate leads right now. Are you on 5 different platforms and none of them are your top leads driver? Well, that’s because you’re not simplifying and focusing on one model first.

Every time I see online businesses making the biggest strides is when they have the simplest and clearest plan and execution. Their sales funnel is so simple it is almost laughable and unbelievable.

I’ve seen entrepreneur friends who run 6, 7 figure online businesses and are getting consistent leads from their Facebook Group. Others drive their leads from Facebook ads. Each of them have a different way of getting consistent leads, but it's simple to execute and that’s the reason why they have reached the level of success they have in their businesses.

So ask yourself, as you’re thinking about how to get consistent leads for your online business: What’s the simplest and most direct path to lead generation for your business? What are 1 or 2 big levers that I can do this month that will exponentially improve my lead generation so much easier and more successful in the next 6 to 12 months?

This is what I do with my clients. I want to help them make things easier. Take things off their plate. Cut out the fat and get them that momentum they’re after.

Now another thing that is hurting a lot of online businesses with their lead generation is not being consistent. Are you consistently showing up in front of your audience week in, week out? Do you take breaks from creating content? Do you spend time building your network and relationships? Do you proactively seek out opportunities or do you wait for leads to drop into your lap?

If you want to get consistent leads but you don’t want to put in a consistent effort in creating content or making calls or emailing or networking or building relationships, then you’re not putting in the work to get those leads.

Every successful entrepreneur that I know is so consistent with when they show up and how they show up. They work almost like they are on clockwork - and that results in a consistent growth in their business.

People don’t notice when you don’t show up, but they notice when you do show up.

So those are the two things that matter if you want to know how to get consistent leads. It’s not about which marketing strategy works best or what sales funnel works best. It’s about knowing what is working or testing until you figure out what will work, sticking to what works, and putting in the work consistently.

Thanks For Listening, My Friend!

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