EPISODE 148: The 3 Simple Words To Increase Conversion With Alex Cattoni

Alex Cattoni

Alex Cattoni is a copywriter, marketing strategist and the founder of The Copy Posse, a boutique copywriting academy and agency.

Her copywriting program, the Copy Posse Launch Pad, has been helping new copywriters from around the world learn, write and ignite their copywriting business.

Over the last decade, Alex has helped launch several successful brands and partnered with many of the hottest transformational authors and businesses on the planet, writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-million dollar brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

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"Copywriting is less about the words and it's more about meeting your prospect where they are, and identifying their core pain point.

If I know that you have a problem and I can identify it, empathize with it, tell you a solution, and then give you an easier, faster, better, simpler way to get that solution through my product, I have you sold."

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Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Alex's entrepreneurial journey from becoming one of the early employees at Mindvalley to leaving and becoming an entrepreneur
  • Why she moved into teaching about copywriting but still runs her copywriting agency
  • How to structure your sales page copy to increase conversion
  • The 3 words you need to add to your sales copy today

Resources Discussed In This Episode:

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